Version 2 is Here!

NOTE: This program is no longer being supported. This page is mainly for historical interest. Don't send us any email about running the program.

Now, you too can sound like the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, and make music as cool as Kraftwerk (well, that part's up to you...) with the new 18 Channel Vocoder program from CYLONIX. This Windows 95 program is a digital emulation of the great analog filter bank vocoders of days gone by. It uses the computational power of Intel Pentium CPUs along with the audio interface capabilities of Creative Labs SoundBlaster boards to bring the joy of vocoding to the masses.

As seen in the January 1998 issue of Future Music Magazine, and the September 1998 issue of Keyboard Magazine!

Features of the CYLONIX 18 Channel Vocoder Program

New in Version 2.0:

Sample Vocoder Outputs

Here are various wav files demonstrating some of the great sounds that the CYLONIX vocoder can create:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Program Requirements

In order to run the CYLONIX vocoder program you need: You should have the most recent sound card drivers. These can be obtained from Creative Labs via ftp at
Older drivers are likely to cause the program to lock up on occasion.

Please note: If you have a Cyrix CPU chances are the program will not function properly. It is my belief that this is due to the Cyrix Floating Point Processor unit not having the performance neccessary for the vocoder program, which uses floating points operations heavily.

Click Here to Download! (V2.00)

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For more information on Cylons go to here

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